The Hawai‘i Farmers Market Cookbook, Vol. 2

The Hawai‘i Farmers Market Cookbook - Vol. 2

Project Description

The Hawai‘i Farmers Market Cookbook, Vol. 2

by The Hawai‘i Farm Bureau Federation | Watermark Publishing, 2010


This companion volume to the original Hawai‘i Farmers Market Cookbook contains more than 75 great recipes by Island culinary stars, including their cooking tips and advice on ingredient use. Cookbook editor Joan Namkoong instituted a key rule for the chefs, making these recipes home cook-friendly: no more than five ingredients, plus cooking oil, salt, pepper and the assigned featured food items.

Recipes by: Kevin Chong, Sam Choy, Hiroshi Fukui, Bev Gannon, Vikram Garg, George Gomes, Ed Kenney, DK Kodama, Eric Leterc, Peter Merriman, Mike Nevin, Tylun Pang, Russell Siu, Goran Streng, Ben Takahashi, Alan Takasaki, Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi.

Personal Note: Working on this cookbook is what really ignited my passion for food and opened my eyes to the importance of having a better understanding of what we eat, where it comes from. Without this book, Sugar + Shake and Put It On My Plate probably would not exist.

Client: Watermark Publishing

Proofreading, marketing and publicity


  • Media and consumer outreach. Established Facebook page, organized media appearances and signing events with chefs. (See publicity campaign tab.)

A companion to the Hawai‘i Farm Bureau Federation’s first cookbook highlighting locally raised products. This book uses recipes from local chefs as the organizational theme, rather than by ingredient, as in the first book. The HFBF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to analyzing the problems affecting farming families and formulating action to ensure the future of agriculture and promote the well-being of farming and the States economy.
In addition to standard media outreach, a series of morning television appearances highlighting farms/farmers and chefs using ingredients from those farms (a two-part segment for each morning feature aired) and book signing appearances by featured chefs helped raise awareness of the book and HFBF markets, farms and mission.

Hawaii News Now farm features & chef demonstrations—As part of an ongoing series with Hawaii News Now (KGMB/KHNL/K5), each video segment comes in two parts: a farm tour feature to showcase local farmers and their products, and a live cooking demonstration with one of our chefs, highlighting products from the farm.

Cookbook Introduction/Focus Product: TomatoesHFBF President Dean Okimoto at Ho Farms and Chef Mike Nevin (The Pavilion Cafe at the Honolulu Academy of Arts) demonstrating “Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes and Pancetta”
Photo Galleries: Ho Farms shoot and Chef Mike Nevin demo

Focus Product: WatercressSumida Farms: David Sumida continues family tradition
Chef Roy Yamaguchi (Roy’s Restaurants) demonstrating “Watercress Salad”
Photo Galleries: Sumida Farm shoot and Chef Roy Yamaguchi demo

Focus Product: AsparagusTwin Bridge Farms and Chef Kevin Chong (Chef Mavro Restaurant) demonstrating “Asparagus with Serrano Ham, Arugula & Romesco Sauce”
Photo Galleries: Twin Bridge Farms shoot and Chef Kevin Chong demo

Focus Product: TaroKahumana Farm and Chef Eric Leterc (The Pacific Club) demonstrating “Taro Vichyssoise”
Photo Galleries: Kahumana Farm shoot and Chef Eric Leterc demo

Focus Product: DairyNaked Cow Dairy
Chef Vikram Garg (Halekulani) demonstrating “Swiss Chard Casserole”
Photo Galleries: Naked Cow Dairy shoot and Chef Vikram Garg demo