Put It On My Plate offers a variety of services in different “portion sizes”—the list below is just a start. Let’s talk about how I can help you!

How Much Should I Take?

Just a Smidge...
Hourly or Day-Rate projects
For those who need a little help now and then

• Basic copyediting & proofreading
• Small-scale, single-instance writing projects (press releases, marketing copy, website content, etc.)

A Couple Bites...
Small projects
For those who need help bringing a more involved, short-term project to completion

• Substantive editorial consultation (book manuscripts or corporate reports)
• Marketing/Publicity assistance (media outreach, launch events, etc.)
• Food photography (product imagery, menu or cookbook shoots)

Entrée Portion...
Month-long or Quarterly Contract
For those who have a major project requiring substantial, specialized assistance

• Project coordination (new venue openings, event planning, book development)
• Brand development assistance (website revamp consultation, collateral material development, etc.)

Help Yourself...
Long-term Contract
For those who need ongoing help on tasks small and large

• Regular (daily/weekly) or on-call administrative, marketing & publicity services
• Brand storytelling (regular blog posts, newsletters, long-form narratives, etc.)
• Customer relationship management

What Can I Do For You?


Need help with something not mentioned above? Just ask.

I have a wide range of skills amassed over years spent figuring out how to make the most of small budgets: database development; website creation and maintenance; graphic design and production; random acts of arts and crafts. Oh, and I can use a table saw and build you a fake living room, too. (Thanks, Harvard-Radcliffe Summer Theatre!)